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Joe Jackson performed Frank Zappa's 'Dirty Love' in concert.



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from shrike on affz:


Costello and Jackson shine in new ways
By Jim Harrington, STAFF WRITER


Joe Jackson

Out of the two shows, I was definitely looking forward to Jackson's gig more. That's probably just due to supply and demand: While Costello seems to come through town at least once a year, seemingly always with something new worth reviewing, it's been several years since I've had the pleasure of seeing Jackson in concert.
And what a pleasure it was.
From the moment he sat at his piano, to play and sing solo versions of "Home Town" and the classic "Steppin' Out," Jackson absolutely charmed the capacity crowd at the lovely Montalvo Arts Center. Compared to Costello's Bourbon Street bash, Jackson delivered a relatively tame, though nearly as enjoyable, evening of tunes. The vocalist-pianist performed as part of a trio, with bassist Graham Maby and drummer Dave Houghton, and hit the crowd with jazzy renditions of both old and new songs.
After performing a sweet, slowed-down "It's Different for Girls"
from Jackson's best album, "I'm the Man" the vocalist showcased two new compositions, "Too Tough" and "Citizen Sane," the latter of which sounded like classic Jackson. His voice wasn't quite as strong as Costello's, faltering at times during some of the more trying notes on songs such as "Home Town," but it was still enjoyable. The fans would probably liked to have heard a few more oldies, but they were still happy with new tunes such as "Drunk Song" and fairly recent tracks like the hilariously touching "Love at First Light."
During the encore, the fans, of course, got the favorite "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"
which turned into a fun sing-along. But they also got a strong jolt when the singer hit Frank Zappa's "Dirty Love."
It just goes to show that Jackson
like Costello can always be counted on for a good surprise or two.



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