junior franklin and the golden echo's

live at kut radio - june 26, 1984
    - feat.jimmy carl black

2002 cdr ger inkanish records

the album was made available for download by crossfire productions in 2008.

ermant junior franklin
the golden echoes
lisa bonner: vocals
  jackie bonner: vocals
  claudia bonner: vocals
jimmy carl black: drums
  alvin hennington: keyboards
  dave franklin: guitar
  larry wilson: guitar
  chuggie hernandez: bass

  1. where god leads me (j.franklin)
  2. david ogelman talks
  3. mountains high (traditional)
  4. junior preaches about gospel
  5. jesus is alive and well (pointer sisters)
  6. in the need of prayer (traditional)
  7. build me up when i'm torn down (j.franklin)
  8. david talks and junior preaches
  9. walk around heven all day (traditional)
  10. jesus, pick me up (l.bonner)
  11. amazing grace (traditional)