American jamband KVHW was some sort of spin-off of the Grateful Dead. The band included Steve Kimock, Bobby Vega, Alan Hertz and former Zappa sideman Ray White. Kimock, Vega, Hertz and White, hence the name KVHW.


The band existed from January 1998 until December 1999. Ray White's personal problems were eventually too much for the band to deal with and he occassionally was absent from the line-up. Terry Haggerty filled in for a number of shows, and there are some performances with both Terry & Ray.

For the last KVHW performance, another famous Zappa frontman, Ike Willis, replaced Ray White (who had been kicked out of the band two weeks earlier).

KVHW performed Frank Zappa compositions on a regular basis.


1 kvhw: 9/28/98 and 10/24/98
    (1999, cd, usa, private release) - feat. ray white
2 kvhw: live at the lip
    (1999, cdr, usa, private release) - feat. ray white





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