co de kloet & menno kalmann

Both Co de Kloet en Menno Kalmann have various links to the Zappa / Beefheart Universe.

Don Van Vliet can be heared on their "Goyang Pantat" album. The both of them have done interviews with Zappa as well as with people that have worked with Zappa, and they have done numerous radio shows and produced a lot of concerts (Vai, Bozzio, Keneally, ...).

Their latest release, "Hardcore Ambience", has Steve Vai as executive producer.

Co de Kloet was a special guest at the 22nd and 23rd edition of the Zappanale festival, August 2011 and 2012. He performed with Gary Lucas on 2011/08/19, and he announced Ike Willis during the Project/Object set on 2011/08/20. In 2012, he hosted a live radio show to which Gary Lucas and George Duke contributed.

The January 2013 edition of Jazzism magazine include a CD that was compiled by Co de Kloet. The album included unreleased pieces by a.o. Steve Vai and Todd Rundgren.



  co de kloet & menno kalmann: hardcore ambience
    (2006, cd, usa, favored nations fn2570 2) - executive producer: steve vai

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mike keneally: scambot 1
    (2009, 2cd, usa, exowax ex-2410) - limited, numbered edition with bonus disc

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mike keneally: scambot 1
    (2009, cd, usa, exowax ex-2410)

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Co de Kloet & Menno Kalmann

(executive producer: Steve Vai)


Co de Kloet and Menno Kalmann “Hardcore Ambience” CD

The adventurous Dutch musical team of Co de Kloet and Menno Kalmann has been creating ethereal, atmospheric compositions together since becoming friends in high school.

As a veteran producer for Dutch Public Radio NPS, de Kloet has worked with an amazing collection of the world’s finest musicians: Brian Eno, Frank Zappa, Todd Rundgren, Captain Beefheart, Laurie Anderson, and Steve Vai. Kalmann’s multi-instrumental diversity gives the group a limitless palette of colorful textures to paint across a broad sonic canvas with both sweeping strokes and precise detail.

The intentionally oxymoronic title of Hardcore Ambience is not a coincidence, but a mission statement for the project’s ingenious fusion of seemingly different elements: lush yet intimate atmospheres, carefully crafted compositions with completely improvised passages, and live studio performances alongside grand productions. To help capture the various emotional sensations, the pair recorded in a wide range of settings: from the intimacy of a living room to the grandness of a church or the pastoral setting of a wilderness.

2006 07 10


Monday, august 6, 2007, at the Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam, a series of short movies about Rotterdam will be shown. The project is entitled "Movies With A View".

One of these short movies is "Distant City Sounds". Originally a piece on Co de Kloet & Menno Kalmann's "Hardcore Ambience" album, it has been transformed by Co and Menno into a movie!!





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