wolfram klug

Wolfram Klug recorded an album with Ed Mann, Ike Willis, Tommy Mars and Arthur Barrow.  
He posted a couple of pictures on his blog  


  wolfram klug: flab

wolfram klug: burt, the nerd
    (2014, cd, switzerland, private release)
- feat. ike willis, tommy mars, arthur barrow, robert martin, albert wing, ed mann  //  incl. 'chunga's revenge' (frank zappa)

wolframklug_burtthenerd.jpg (53044 bytes)

  wolfram klug: l.a. bang bang


Here's a short chat with Wolfram.

UniMuta : Hello Wolfram, can you tell us a bit about yourself? You're a musician, composer, ...?

Wolfram Klug : I am a musician. Bass Guitar mostly. Done file music (www.myspace.com/flabsound for example). Played in all sorts of bands in Germany and Switzerland where I live now.

UniMuta : On your blog you write that it is hard to find musicians in Europe to work with you. Can you tell us a bit more? What do you expect from the musicians that you work with?

Wolfram Klug : European musicians are worried about their reputation. So every project is carefully checked: what is it? Who is it? Do I risk anything? And does he pay me enough.
As I don't have a huge track record people are quite resisitant to try out new things with me.

UniMuta : It's fascinating that you went to L.A. to record with musicians that were in Zappa's band. How did they relate to your music?

Wolfram Klug : They did like the music, however my approach while recording was new to them as I asked them to try this and that. Things which might not make sense to them musically in that moment but they trusted me that I will do the right thing in the editing and mixing process.
In any case they ARE open minded and experimental. I will have a video soon and you will see the fun we had.

UniMuta : Your new album will be called "Go For Live". Did you have all the basic tracks recorded before you left for L.A.? Can you explain how you work? Do you have all the parts on the computer and do you ask the participating musicians to re-record these parts?

Wolfram Klug : All of the above and more. Each track was different. I had 50% of the tracks prepared in Logic Studio.
Some parts where written and I asked mostly Tommy to rerecord.
Words for Vocals where written by me and basic melodies. Ike and Tommy then added their feel.
One song was partially co-composed by T and I.

UniMuta : I was happy to read that the recording went fine. What's the next step for the album?

Wolfram Klug : A lot of editing now. Then mixing, mastering and CD promotion.
We also think of a tour in Europe next summer

UniMuta : Do you have some sort of schedule? When do you want the album to be released? Will it be a private release or do you have a label? I'm assuming and hoping that the album will be released in some sort of physical format like vinyl or CD, or will it be download only?

Wolfram Klug : To be decided. Best case all of the above. Spring 2013

UniMuta : I'm very curious to hear the result !  Keep us posted on your progress !




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