jimmy leslie & friends

live downtown
- incl. 'my guitar wants to kill yer mama' (frank zappa)

1998 cd usa omniphonic / private release


jimmy leslie: guitar, vocals
mark mikel: bass, backing vocals
lance loiselle: keyboards, organ
tony papavasilopolous: guitar, backing vocals
sean shacklett: drums
mark kelly: percussion


  1. feel like jammin'  (j.leslie)
  2. in fidelity  (j.leslie, m.mikel)
  3. the purple lady  (j.leslie)
  4. tommy the cat  (les claypool & primus)
  5. you know what i mean  (jeff beck)
  6. higher ground  (stevie wonder)
  7. swing of thans  (j.leslie)
  8. my guitar wants to kill yer mama  (frank zappa)
  9. mrs. rock n roll  (j.leslie)
  10. any way ya please  (j.lesie)