the laughing lunatics

From the cd liner notes of "The Water Suite":
The Laughing Lunatics is a Free World-Fusion Collective, born in the minds of Ludwig & Terry Luny (alter-ego's of Ger & Guido Schäfer), in collaboration with their 'brother' Jesus Canneloni, to mix cultures and all kinds of musical styles from all over the world.

On "The Water Suite", on the track 'Let's Get Serious', the laughing lunatics sample Charles Mingus, Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally, Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa and Horst.


  the laughing lunatics: the water suite
    (2001, 2cd, nl, luny music lmcd200101) - incl. frank zappa, mike keneally, dweezil & ahmet zappa samples


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