long beach dub all-stars

wonders of the world
- incl. the 'i'm the slime' riff in the intro of 'luke'

2001 cd usa dream works 0044-50295-2


opie ortiz: vocals
eric wilson: electric and upright bass
ras 1: guitar, vocals
jack maness: keyboards, hammond b3, vocals
tim wu: saxophones, flute, midi wind controller, vocals
marshall goodman: drums, turntables, percussion
bud: drums

produced by paul leary

  1. wonders dub i
  2. sunnyhours
  3. listen to dj's
  4. rolled up
  5. every mother's dream
  6. life gos on
  7. it ain't easy
  8. luke   (including the 'i'm the slime' (frank zappa) riff in the intro)
  9. wonders dub II
  10. no way
  11. lonely end
  12. talkin' the truth
  13. free love
  14. lies
  15. kablammin' it
  16. grass cloud
  17. sunny hours reprise