little feat

down on the farm
- feat.lowell george

1980 lp usa warner bros. records  wb 56667

1979 studio recording

  lowell george: guitar, vocals
  paul barrère: guitar, vocals
  bill payne: keyboards
  kenny gradney: bass
  richie hayward: drums
  sam clayton: percussion
  lee thornburg: trumpet
 jerry jumonville: sax
 fred tackett: guitar
  david lindley: guitar
  sneaky pete (kleinow): pedal steel guitar
  robben ford: guitar
 gordon dewitty: keyboards
 peter wasner: keyboards
 earl palmer: percussion
 bonnie raitt: backing vocals
 rosemary butler: backing vocals
 fran tate: backing vocals
 dan smith: backing vocals
 luther waters: backing vocals
 orrin waters: backing vocals
 maxine waters willard: backing vocals
  julia waters tillman: backing vocals

cover art by neon park

produced by lowell george

side 1

  1. down on the farm   4'16   (p.barrère, g.barrère)
  2. six feet of snow   2'30   (, k.godchaux)
  3. perfect imperfection   3'46   (p.barrère, t.snow)
  4. kokomo   2'58   (
  5. be one now   4'05   (, f.tackett)

side 2

  1. straight from the heart   4'59   (, b.payne)
  2. front page news   5'57   (, b.payne)
  3. wake up dreaming   4'09   (b.payne, f.tate)
  4. feel the groove   4'48   (s.clayton, g.dewitty)