lunatics on parole

welcome to the ussa
    – incl. ‘i'm the slime’ (frank zappa)

1998 cd usa u smoke u listen

recorded january '98

kenny the gardener: voclas
yowzah!: guitars
greg biribauer: bass
neil taylor: drums

cover art by thomas

  1. e.o.t.w.f.p.
  2. welcome to the u.s.s.a.
  3. pigs on patrol
  4. don't forget it
  5. g.i.joe went to war
  6. pro-life decision
  7. man-made religion
  8. media judge
  9. i'm the slime (frank zappa)
  10. working class wasteland
  11. the b.o.a.'s
  12. corporate mainland (welcome to the...)
  13. a 1984 scene
  14. the madman
  15. green revolution