paul lehrman

Composer Paul D. Lehrman composed a piece entitled "King Frank".
The piece is an improvisation for 5 performers and computer, based on the works of Frank Zappa, written in1997, and commissioned by the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

"King Frank" got performed on May 13, 1997.

The picture on the right is taken from Paul Lehrman's website.
"King Frank in concert, 13 May 1997:
(L-R) Two Kurzweil K2000s in rack, the author and Casio DH-100 MIDI Horn, Brian Calicchia and Casio MIDI Guitar, Apple Macintosh Quadra 650, Todd Baker and Yamaha VL-1, (on floor) Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece, Claus Trelby and Kurzweil K2000, mixer Bill Carman and Mackie CR-1604, Mike Verette and Luis Silva on KAT dk10s"

Computers Come Alive: The Making of "King Frank", A Live-Performance Piece for Six Players, Four Samplers, One Computer, and One Late, Great Composer





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