christophe monniot

November 7, 2008, Christophe Monniot performed his version of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons".


2008/11/07 Christophe Monniot - concert 'pole sud', strasbourg, france

In 2007 saxophonist christophe monniot created a new version of vivaldis "four seasons" with the knowledge of 300 years of music citing vivali, tschaikowsky, evan parker and frank zappa.
Mostly deep in jazz, the show smells a little classical add some contemporary music and some baroque music..
sylvie gasteau wrote some french words about time, the seasons and a world in changes .... you can hear the words between the music

christophe monniot: tenor-, alt- and baryton-saxophone
michael massot: tuba
emilspanyl: piano, keyboards
eric echampard: drums


archanes saxophone quartet:
vincent david: sopran-saxophone
grégory demarcy: alt- and sopran-saxophone
erwan fagant: tenor- and sopran- saxophone
damien royannals: baryton-saxophone





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