da mokettes and the incredible q band

will moku recorded frank & moon zappa's 'valley girl'.

  da mokettes and the incredible q band: palolo valley girls
    (1982, 7", hawai, prism records prs-407) – ‘valley girl’ (frank & moon zappa)

 random notes

     from: patrick neve (splat@darkwing.uoregon.edu)
sides one and two of this hawaiian 45 single are identical mixes of their smash flop single, "palolo valley girls." as you might guess, it's a cover of "valley girls" with local hawaiian slang vocals instead of san fernando valley slang. it's not exactly well played, but is fairly amusing and sounds like they had a good time recording it. from what i hear it was a bit of a local hit at the time, having been released so hot on the heels of "valley girl" fever.  i wonder what moon would think of it.

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