jim musil combo

The Jim Musil Combo recorded a track called 'Grunion Run' and released it on 7".

Dispite what you may read elsewhere, there is no Zappa involvement. Zappa also wrote a song called 'Grunion Run', but the Jim Musil song is written by Musil & Clingman. It's a completely different song.

-- picture of the label: Hans-Peter Schmidt

Side A:
  1. Grunion Run  (Music - Clingman)
Side B:
  1. North Beach

    John P Dixon adds:  

    "As far as my research tells me this Grunion Run has nothing to do with Zappa other than the fact that there are several different songs with this same title.  I've spoken with Musil and he said the title came from a trip to the beach and he wanted a beach sounding title for his instrumental.  It's nice to sell this to Zappa collectors but I don't think there is any connection."





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