los marañones

Los Marañones recorded Frank Zappa's 'My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama' in 1995.  A couple of years later, they contributed the track to a Frank Zappa tribute album.

Miguel Bañón: vocals, guitar
Joaquín Talismán: guitar, vocals
Román García: bass, vocals
Pedrín Sánchez: drums, vocals


  los marañones: los marañones
    (1996, cd, spain, edel music s.a. fac 008657-2) – incl. ‘mi guitarra quiere matar a tu madre’ (frank zappa)

  various artists: unmatched - tributo a zappa
    (1997, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-009-cd) – incl. various artists covering frank zappa

  various artists: unmatched series: vol.1 - 6
    (2014, 6cdr, spain, hall of fame records hof - 103-boxcd) – feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

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random notes

¿Qué es Los Marañones?

Un grupo que se forma en diciembre de 1986 con la idea de sacar a la luz las canciones que Miguel Bañón y Ricardo Perpén hacían en casa. Desde entonces han publicado 5 discos y llevan recorridos los escenarios de toda España.

     From: Román (donlope@globalia.net)
The song (My Gutiar) appeared first in the album, since it was a live album and the song ended in our repertoire some time ago when we made an alternative cover group named The Three Silliest Boys In The World. Luis, from Hall of Fame, heard the song and wanted to put it in the Unmatched album. I have promised him a version of King Kong for Unmatched Phaze III, but I think I won't be on time. The cover is a drawing from a Spanish artist, singer, composer, nice person, latin lover, etc., Victor Coyote. Since that's a live album it represents the back of the van when you open it with all the gear inside. Victor is one of my favorite comic artists here in Spain, and one of my favorite singers.


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