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selected discography

phi yaan-zek: solar flare
    (2005, cd, uk, geomagnetic records) - feat. marco minnemann

phi_yaan_zek_solarflare.jpg (22361 bytes)

  marco minnemann: live in l.a.
    (2007, dvd, usa, dw)

minnemann_live_in_la.jpg (29063 bytes)


mike keneally: scambot 1
    (2009, 2cd, usa, exowax ex-2410) - limited, numbered edition with bonus disc

mk_scambot1_2cd.jpg (30980 bytes)


mike keneally: scambot 1
    (2009, cd, usa, exowax ex-2410)

mk_scambot.jpg (28006 bytes)

  ukz: radiation
    (2009, cdep, usa, glo digital glo 9000-2) - feat. eddie jobson, trey gunn, alex machacek, marco minnemann and aaron lippert

ukz_radiation.jpg (26128 bytes)

  jason sadites: weve
    (2009, cd, ??, ??) - feat. chad wackerman

jason_sadites_weve.jpg (105983 bytes)

  alex machacek featuring marco minnemann: 24 tales
    (2010, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 024)
machacek_24tales.jpg (17811 bytes)
  czajkowski - minnemann: west zooopolis
    (2010, cd, usa, abstract logix)

czajkowski_minneman_zooopolis.jpg (17078 bytes)

  julie slick: julie slick
    (2010, cd, usa, private release) - feat. eric slick, marco minnemann, andré cholmondeley

julieslick_st.jpg (25918 bytes)

  mike keneally / marco minnemann: evidence of humanity
    (2010, cd+dvd, usa, exowax)

mk_evidence_2.jpg (24377 bytes)

phi yaan-zek with marco minnemann: dance with the anima
    (2010, cd, uk, age of wonder) - feat. marco minnemann

yaan_zek_minnemann_dancewiththeanima.jpg (20502 bytes)

  mike keneally / marco minnemann: elements of a manatee
    (2010, download, usa, exowax) = the audio of the "evidence of humanity" dvd

mk_mm_elementsofamanatee.jpg (17732 bytes)

  eddie jobson: ultimate zero tour - live
    (2010, 2cd, ??, glo digital glo 9130-2) - feat. john wetton, tony levin, gerg howe trey gunn, ric fierabracci, simon phillips & marco minneman

ultimatezerotour_live.jpg (16844 bytes)

  j21: beyond the holographic veil
    (2011, cd, uk, floating world records freem5033) - feat. scott thunes, ed mann, robert martin, don preston, andrew greenaway & marco minnemann

j21_veil.jpg (34064 bytes)

marco minnemann: the marco show
    (2011, dvd, usa, drumchannel) - feat. mike keneally

marcominnemann_themarcoshow.jpg (36463 bytes)

  the aristocrats: s/t
    (2011, cd, usa, boing! music bm-00001) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_cd.jpg (25295 bytes)

  anders helmerson with marco minnemann & bryan beller: triple ripple
    (2011, cd, france, musea)

helmerson_triple_ripple.jpg (71042 bytes)

  mike keneally: wing beat fantastic
    (2012, cd, usa, exowax)

mk_wingbeatfantastic.jpg (115881 bytes)

phi yaan-zek: deeper with the anima 
    (2012, cd, uk, age of wonder)

phiyaanzek_deeperwith.jpg (84679 bytes)

  u.k.: live in tokyo
    (2012, dvd, japan, ??) - re-released in the usa in 2013

uk_reunion_liveintokyo.jpg (22269 bytes)

  dane runyon: looking below
    (2012, lp, usa, private release) - feat. mike keneally, marco minnemann  //  limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl

  the aristrocrats: boing! we'll do it live!
    (2012, cd/dvd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_boing.jpg (46470 bytes)

  marco minnemann: symbolic fox
    (2012, cd, --, private release) - feat. guthrie govan

marcominnemann_symbolicfox.jpg (39559 bytes)

  steven wilson: get all you deserve
    (2012, 2cd+dvd+blu-ray, ger, snapper music) - feat. marco minnemann
steven_wilson_getallyoudeserve.jpg (12754 bytes)
  julie slick: terroir
    (2012, cd, usa, slick sound 04) - feat. eric slick, robbie 'seahag' mangano, marco minnemann and adrian belew

julieslick_terroir.jpg (21468 bytes)

  dr.mumbai: the adventures of dr.mumbai
    (2012, cd, usa, private release) - feat. marco minnemann, arthur barrow, aaron arntz, scheila gonzales, bryan beller, pete griffin, dweezil zappa, billy hunting

drmumbai_theadventuresof.jpg (37339 bytes)

  chris opperman: studio house ep
    (2012, digital download, --, itunes) - incl. 'blessed relief' (frank zappa), feat. jordan shapiro, marco minnemann
  mike keneally: wing beat elastic
    (2013, cd, usa, exowax) - feat. bryan beller, marco minnemann

mk_wingbeatelastic.jpg (35043 bytes)

  steven wilson: the raven that refused to sing (and other stories)
    (2013, cd, ger, kscope  242) - feat. marco minnemann, guthrie govan
stevenwilson_theraventhat.jpg (24910 bytes)
  the aristocrats: culture clash
    (2013, cd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_cultureclash.jpg (49034 bytes)

  mike keneally: you must be this tall
    (2013, cd, usa, exowax) - feat. bryan beller, joe travers, marco minnemann

mk_youmustbethistall.jpg (30601 bytes)

  morgan ågren: conundrum (a percussive misadventures)
    (2013, dvd, usa, bend bars / lift gates films) - feat. frank zappa, mats öberg, dweezil zappa, marco minnemann, mike keneally, joe travers

morganagren_conundrum_dvd.jpg (50896 bytes)

marco minnemann: eeps
    (2014, cd, ??, lazy bones recordings)

marcominnemann_eeps.jpg (42037 bytes)

  morgan ågren: conundrum undone - the deleted scenes
    (2014, download, usa, bend bars / lift gates films) = deleted scenes from the conundrum documentary

conundrum_undone.jpg (53182 bytes)

  the aristocrats: culture clash live
    (2015, cd/dvd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_cclive.jpg (49656 bytes)

  the aristocrats: secret show - live in osaka
    (2015, 2cd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_osaka.jpg (22854 bytes)

  eddie jobson: four decades
    (2015, blue-ray + dvd + 2cd, japan, ward records) - feat. alex machacek, marco minnemann ; incl. 'läther' (frank zappa)

eddiejobson_fourdecades.jpg (27323 bytes)

  steven wilson: hand. cannot. erase
    (2015, 2cd+dvd+blu-ray / in hardcover book, poland, kskope522) - feat. marco minnemann, guthrie govan, chad wackerman

stevenwilson_handcannoterase_book.jpg (38113 bytes)

  joe satriani: shockwave supernova
    (2015, cd, usa, sony legacy recordings) - feat. mike keneally, bryan beller, marco minnemann and vinnie colaiuta

satriani_shockwavesupernova.jpg (40255 bytes)

  aristocrats: tres caballeros
    (2015, cd / dvd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann

aristocrats_trescaballeros.jpg (27174 bytes)

  mike keneally: scambot 2
    (2016, 2cd, usa, exowax ex-2015-1) - feat.ben thomas, pete griffin, bryan beller, marco minnemann, joe travers

mk_scambot2_2.jpg (25683 bytes)

  carl king: grand architects of the universe
    (2017, cd, usa, private release) - feat. dweezil zappa, mike keneally, phi yaan-zek, marco minnemann, morgan ågren

carl_king_grandarchitects.jpg (43986 bytes)

marco minnemann: borrego
    (2017, 2cd, usa, lazy bones recordings) - feat. joe satriani, tony levin

marcominnemann_borrego.jpg (27152 bytes)

  the aristocrats: you know what...?
    (2019, cd+dvd, usa, boing! music) = bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann
  eddie jobson: live
    (2020, 2cd, usa, globe music) = eddie jobson's u-z project  /  feat. marco minnemann, alex machacek
  panzerballett: planet z
    (2020, cd, ger, gentle art of music) - feat. morgan agren, marco minnemann



  u.k.: reunion tour - highline ballroom, nyc, ny - april 11, 2011
    (2012, 2cd-bootleg, japan, ??)

uk_highline2011.jpg (34484 bytes)





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