the medicine rattlers

april 1998, baltimore band the medicine rattlers included frank zappa’s ‘cosmic debris’ in their live show.  a.o. the band featured lou shach on harmonica and willie c. as a guest on saxophone.


1998/04/23            concert ‘fairfax’: “fat tuesday’s”

 first set:

  1. ain't superstitious

  2. i'm a hog for you

  3. big river

  4. bayou moon

  5. messin' with the kid

  6. born under a bad sign

  7. tore up

  8. shake and finger pop

  9. feels like rain

  10. beat it on down the line

second set:

  1. right place, wrong time

  2. i want to be loved

  3. tina neena nu

  4. shake your money maker

  5. slow turning

  6. shakin' all over

  7. new speedway boogie

  8. the other one

  9. dark star

  10. fire on the mountain

  11. not fade away

  12. lonesome road blues

  13. cosmic debris (frank zappa)

the others of invention



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