mf doom
    - samples frank zappa

2004 2lp usa rhymesayers entertainment rse0051-1
2004 cd usa rhymesayers entertainment 
2007 cd + dvd usa rhymesayers enterainment rse0084-2

  mf doom: mc
  count bass d  (track 3)
  angelika & 4ize  (track 11)
  mr. fantastik  (track 13)

all songs produced by doom, the metal fingered villain

side a

  1. beef rapp
    contains a sample from 'would you like a snack?' by frank zappa

  2. hoe cakes
    contains a sample from 'supersonic' by j.j. fad

  3. potholderz  (feat.count bass d)

side b

  1. one beer
    - contains a sample from 'huit octobre 1971' by cortex

  2. deep fried frenz
    - contains a sample from 'friends' by whodini, and a sample from 'friends and strangers' by ronnie laws

  3. poo-putt platter

  4. fillet-o-rapper

  5. gumbo
    - contains samples from 'holiday in berlin, full blown' and 'would you like a snack?' both by frank zappa

side c

  1. fig leaf bi-carbonate

  2. kon karne
    contains a sample from 'is it a crime' by sade

  3. guinnesses  (feat.angelika & 4ize)

side d

  1. kon queso

  2. rapp snitch knishes  ( fantastik)
    - contains a sample from 'space oddity' by david matthews

  3. vomitspit
    contains a sample from 'happy you should be' by mashmakhan

  4. kookies
    contains samples from the sesame street closing credits theme, also known as 'the funky chimes'