MMQ is a jazz-oriented band from San Francisco. They had Frank Zappa's 'Zoot Allures' on their setlist.

Ray White sat in with them for a coupe of gigs, performing a couple of Zappa classics.

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For those of you living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can see Ray White doing some of the old Zappa tunes ("Keep It Greasy", "City of Tiny Lights") that he used to sing. He will be performing with a local jazz-oriented band, MMQ, at San Francisco's own Ramp, on Friday, April 29th, around 5:30pm.  MMQ contains some serious Zappa fans, and they have performed a blistering version of Zoot Allures for quite some time.  They have recently become friends of Ray's, who lives here in the Bay Area, and he has happily agreed to sit in with them for a few gigs.

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