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The Mothers Brothers performed Frank Zappa's music at the "Mother's Day Freak Out" event, 2004/05/08, in Buffalo, USA. The band features Tom Fenton and Jim Iarocci from the Voice of Cheez.




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From: the voice oF cheeZ
Date: 2004/05/05

Freak Out in Buffalo!
9th Annual Tribute to Frank Zappa
NIETZSCHE'S  248 Allen St.  886-8539
the voice oF cheeZ plus,
Ugly Radio Rebellion
The Mothers Brothers!

Buffalo, NY: Local band, the voice oF cheeZ proudly announce the staging of the ninth annual Motherly Love concert, an annual tribute to the music of Frank Zappa.
Join the voice oF cheeZ for a star-studded night of Frank Zappa's music with a little help from our friends:

Ugly Radio Rebellion.
Hard-rocking FZ band from Detroit, MI.
(aka The Artists Formerly Known as "Uncle Meat")
Featuring Berklee College of Music guitarist Scott Schroen, with Preston Parish on bass and Kerry Gluckman on drums.

The Mothers Brothers.
Another creation of The Fibs, with Tom Fenton, acoustic guitar, and Jim Iarocci, upright bass, performing a set of Zappa's music in the comedic, folk tradition of The Smothers Brothers.

the voice oF cheeZ.
Buffalo-based band plays the music of Frank Zappa.  Quite possibly the only all-Zappa band in existence with three female performers.  Cathy Carfagna, keyboards, Kilissa Cissoko, sax and flute, Tina Peel, vocals and madness, with, Tom Fenton, guitar, Jim Iarocci, bass and George Olmsted, drums.
Napoleon Murphy Brock said, "You guys play all the fun stuff!"

Show starts at 9:00 p.m.
  9:00  Mothers Brothers<
10:00  voice oF cheeZ
12:00  Ugly Radio Rebellion

Mother's Day Freak Out!
Saturday, May 8, 2004  9 p.m.
248 Allen Street.  Buffalo, NY  886-8539

Registration forms available at the show.


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