the muffin men

the muffin men
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1993 cd ger muffin records cdm 999
1993 cd ger muffin records cdm 001

recorded 1992/09/23    kirchheim/t, germany

mike kidson: sax, toys, vocals
paul 'rhino' ryan: drums, vocals
narash 'nasher' nathanial: bass
ian 'jumpy' jump: stunt guitar
andy 'wayko jayko' jacobson: keyboard
ian 'bammo' bamford: guitar, vocals
roddie gilliard: guitar, vocals
roy stringer: percussion
andy frizell: bass
steve belger: drums

produced by reinhard preuss

  1. zoot allures
  2. the torture never stops
  3. take your clothes off when you dance
  4. blessed relief