the muffin men

looks like noodles to me
    - incl.various frank zappa compositions

2006 cd uk private release ark-hive 941

recorded live
1994/04/09 concert 'subway', karlsruhe, germany

roddie gilliard: guitar, vocal
mike kidson: saxes, vocal
andy jacobson: keyboards, vocal
jumpy: lead guitar
jake newman: bass, vocal
andy treacey: drums
john ellis: keyboard, vocal
ike willis: guitar, big vocal

all compositions by frank zappa

arrangements by the muffin men

  1. heavy duty judy
  2. carolina hardcore ecstasy
  3. bamboozled by love
  4. uncle remus
  5. king kong
  6. rasta pasta
  7. easy meat
  8. pick me i'm clean
  9. lucille has messed my mind up
  10. harry, you're a beast
  11. oh no!
  12. son of orange county
  13. why does it hurt when i pee?
  14. joe's garage
  15. mr green genes
  16. camarillo brillo
  17. muffin man
  18. take your clothes off when you dance