muldrew mcmullan

From the July 2005 UM Latest News section:

The mysterious T.A. dug out a coverversion of 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black'.

Here's the message

Hello musiclovers,

this is only for the incroud: I found this version on a Texas Rangers site from Doc Burbon 69. The 86 years old Muldrew McMullan born in Cucamonga listened one day to the radio and heard a song about two boys he had known back in the old days of Cucamonga: " God dammit I know those little weasels." he said to himself and took his Banjo and sung loud with a
twisted voice the song about Ronny and Kenny he had known and hated, because they had pissed in his garden and all of the flowers had died suddenly. Because his memory was not so good anymore, he sometimes forgot the lyrics to the song and sung with a broken voice while the birds escaped in the sky.

A recording of this track circulates...



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