isi & pojat myrskystä

Finnish band Isi & Pojat Myskrystä recorded Frank Zappa's 'Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance' and 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body'. Both tracks got released on the "Dog & Doll" 7"EP in 1994.

  • Isi Martikainen: vocals

  • Jari Hyvärinen: guitar

  • Jani Sunikka: bass

  • Karppa Kiviranta: drums, backing vocals

  • Pauli Johansson: keyboards




  isi & pojat myrskystä: lihaa!
    (1988, 7", sf, ujo 26) 
  isi & pojat myrskystä: dog & doll
    (1994, 7", sf, ujo 52) - incl. 'take your clothes off when you dance' & 'what's the ugliest part of your body'(frank zappa)



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