my skinny wonderland

what went wrong?

2002 cd bel uncle doe records

recorded at home between 1998 and 2000

skinny (philippe tasquin): lead vocals, piano, samples, violins
toulouse (pierre vervloesem): bass, guitars
d.j. bear (didier fontaine): drums, percussion

produced and arranged by skinny

  1. introduction  (philippe tasquin)
  2. quiet village  (les baxter)
  3. christmas crime (philippe tasquin, pierre vervloesem)
  4. harry finally found a job  (philippe tasquin)
  5. 216  (philippe tasquin, billy merwick)
  6. whodunit (philippe tasquin, pierre vervloesem)
  7. finally  (philippe tasquin)
  8. the new liberace  (philippe tasquin)
  9. what went wrong?  (philippe tasquin)
  10. blind alley  (philippe tasquin)
  11. damned messiah  (philippe tasquin, pierre vervloesem)
  12. the paramount  (philippe tasquin)
  13. town without pity  (ned washington, dimitri tiomkin)