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This EP is a spacy but fun mix of texts, music and everyday sounds. The first track opens with a early Zappa quotation ('Duke of Prunes'), moving into a fractured beat, with indigenous sounding flute and spoken voice. The second begins with a quiet upbeat pop song, over which is laid a German speaking voice, as the song gradually increases in volume and fades with bird songs and resonant tones arrive and fade... cheesy organ... You get the idea! Compositions include '40 Kaninchen', 'Five N.', 'Cpt. Gunnerson', 'Rousing '95', 'Busum', 'Heissen Sie?', 'Plus 1 = act', and 'Sachen, die Dich Machen Lassen Omh'.

Adolf Noise his music is not what his name tells. A contrary his music can be described as psychedelic guitar-music, alternative-music, ambient, ... Infact there is not any style to classify this CD in. Because this CD exist of songs who are all so different and are worked out around a theme. Spread over 8 songs we find a song which is inspired by Frank Zappa mixed with all kind of other influences and text-fragments, the result is a psychedelic song called '40 Kaninchen'. Some other strange songs are spoken-word alike songs with text-fragments from Hermann Hesse and other experimental texts. There are also sound-documents of a man going to the toilet in the middle of the night. And much more other songs and documents and experimental mixing with sounds and styles. You name it or you find it on this CD. This CD surprised us a lot and will be apreciated because of its complete concept which is brilliant. The CD-cover contains great graphics.

DJ Koze is not only a top notch-dj and remixer, but also part of one of germany's most successful hiphop-outfits, FISCHMOB. his solo project ADOLF NOISE is a weird but very appealing example for instrumental electronic music bathing somewhere in between dub, ambient moods and film noire. the album "wunden s., beine offen" has cult status way beyond germany ever since its first release...hey, don't worry...germans don't understand what the album title means either :-)

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