fred norris

December 7, 1993, the Howard Stern tv-show included a Frank Zappa tribute, sung to the tune of 'Don't Go Changing' by Billy Joel.

Lyrics borrowed from

Sung to the tune of "Don't Go Changing" by Billy Joel
Sung by Fred Norris

Don't go smoking
or chewing tobacco
or you won't live to get real old
hmm hmmm mmm

Hey Frank was wacky,
a zany hippie,
after Zappa they all broke the mold

His poor prostate
got Carcinoma
He probably couldn't even fart
hmm hmmm mmm

Never had a
big hit record
but you were so true to your art

What would it take
for you to name your kids
Bill or Sue or Ed or even Jane?

You had to give them
names from outer space
To show the world you were insane

You were a drug free man
and not a boozer
but you smoke those cigarettes
hmm hmmm mmm

the nicotine, man
went to your sphincter
I hope you have no regrets

[Frank Zappa's spoken words]

Words will not harm you. There is no sound that you can make with your mouth or word that will come out of your mouth so powerful it will make you go to hell; Look around at all the normal kids who listen to it and live with it everyday who do not commit suicide they don't commit murder and they grow up to be in some case to become legislators.

[Back to singing]

Ahh, you led the Mothers,
and played great guitar
your music was great after catching a buzz
hmm hmm mmm

you even found work,
for Flo and Eddie,
they loved Frank just the way he was.
. . . uzz uzz uzz uzz uzz uzz





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