jon nelson

Trumpet player and producer Jon Nelson has recorded various Frank Zappa compositions as a member of the Meridian Arts Ensemble.

He recorded Stephen Barber's 'Gran Calavera Electrica' (Barber's Frank Zappa tribute) on his album with the same name.

Jon Nelson also is the man behind the Genkin Philharmonic, a performing music class at the University of Buffalo. The ensemble started out in 1999, and released an album in 2007. This album includes two Frank Zappa compositions, performed live by the Genkin Philharmonic.


  jon nelson: gran calavera electrica
    (200?, cd, usa, sunken gong records jn 0102) - incl. 'gran calavera electrica' (s.barber's tribute to frank zappa)
  genkin philharmonic: s/t
    (2007, cd, usa, 8bells) - incl. 'echidna's arf', 'marqueson's chicken' (frank zappa)

genkinphilharmoni2007cd.jpg (38430 bytes)

  the royal acadamy of music manson ensemble: zappa
    (2012, cd, uk, ram 045) - all compositions by frank zappa

manson_zappa.jpg (21755 bytes)



1995/09/17 radio show "Allan Handelman Show" with Allan Hndelman on WROQ 101.1 FM



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