marzi nyman

Marzi Nyman (FIN) has performed the music of Frank Zappa with the UMO Jazz Orchestra, and also with the Estonian Dream Big Band.

The picture on the right shows Marzi Nyman with the Estonian Dream Big Band, March 2005.




Tribute to Frank Zappa - Marzi Nyman & Estonian Dream Big Band

March 11, 2005 - Estonian Radio, 1st Studio, Tallinn, Estonia

Marzi Nyman, guitar, vocals (Finland)

Estonian Dream Big Band
conducted by Markku Veijonsuo (Finland)


  1. Peaches En Regalia                 

  2. Heavy Duty Judy

  3. Toads Of The Short Forest

  4. Sofa

  5. Aybe Sea

  6. Cops 'n Robbers (Ed Palermo)

  7. Blessed Relief

  8. G-Spot Tornado

  9. Idiot Bastard Son

  10. Lumpy Gravy / Who Are The Brain Police

  11. King Kong

All songs by Frank Zappa except #6 by Ed Palermo.
Arrangements by Ed Palermo.


-- info: Avo Raup

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