Name were Lynn Murdock, Bob Adams, Everett Shock, Erling Wold, Rick Crawfoerd, Mark Crawford, Henry Kaiser and Judith Stadtman.

They recorded one self-titled 7-track EP in 1981.

Rick Snyder adds:
"NAME is composed of six youthful musicians--they appear to be in their late teens and early twenties  --who grew up together near Disneyland, moved to Berkeley and; formed a band. Meeting local guitarist Henry Kaiser at one of his gigs, they asked him to fill in for an ailing member. The relationship  solidified and now Kaiser is one of three electric guitarists in the group. Erling Wold and Judilh Stadtman play the other Guitars,  (Wold doubling on keyboards).  Lynn Murdock and Rick Crawford  play electric bass. Mark Crawford  plays drums, and Everett Shock  adds declamatory vocals and  screeching sax lines.
This EP is also engineered and co-produced by PHIL BROWN (who would later perform the same duties for CAPTAIN BEEFHEART on his "ICE CREAM FOR CROW" LP!)."


  name: s/t
    (1981, 12"ep, usa, private release) - feat. henry kaiser, everett shock / co-produced by phil brown


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