neptune quartet

Formed in 2001, the quartet is a collaboration of cellist Crispin Campbell, mandolinist Don Julin, guitarist Angelo Meli and bassist Glenn Wolff. The group plays original compositions as well as music by the likes of Django Reinhardt, Frank Zappa, and Hank Williams.

The picture on the right was taken from the Netpune Quartet website.




  neptune quartet: lonesome cactus groove
    (????, cd, usa, private release)
  neptune quartet: neptune quartet
    (2003, cd, usa, private release) - incl. 'kong', a group improvisation inspired by frank zappa
  neptune quartet: the great thaw
    (2004, cd, usa, private release)
  neptune quartet: live at poppycocks
    (2006, cd, usa, private release)



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