the new world symphony

the new world symphony is a symphony started by michael tilson-thomas in 1987 as a sort of finishing school for aspiring musicians. the dilemma of a symphony-musician-to-be is that most symphonies will not take a musician with no experience, but one can't get that experience without joining a symphony. so, micael tilson-thomas created the new world symphony in miami to bridge that gap, taking many of the most talented musicians coming out of school, give them a three-year fellowship where they perform full-time with the system, with extra work on solo and chamber work, as well as advice on how to handle auditions. it seems to have achieved its purpose: 95% of its alumni go on to musical careers, many with major symphonies.

june 2000, the new world symphony took part in the "american mavericks", a festival organised by michael tilson-thomas and the san francisco symphony, where they performed a.o. frank zappa's 'dupree's paradise', conducted by john adams.

program: - the american mavericks festival - june 2000 - .

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