new niks


2012 cd nl no can do music


arend niks: drums
jasper le clercq: violin
erwin hoorweg: fender rhodes
andreas suntrop: guitar

produced by arend niks

  1. mimi  (suntrop)
  2. ear glasses  (niks)
  3. the heavy weight hesitant  (niks)
  4. inland beach party  (niks)
  5. piep  (niks)
  6. don't touch that button  (niks)
  7. way  (niks)
  8. where does this come from  (niks)
  9. bulb of darkness  (niks)
  10. happy backpacker on the wrong track  (hoorweg)
  11. listen! oh it's gone  (hoorweg)
  12. elegant hooligan  (niks)
  13. schenka la gusta!  (le clercq)
  14. d'artagnan has a twin sister  (niks)