Shadoks Music presents a reissue of Obus (1974) from Nimbus. In May 1973, the band Mafia changed the name to Nimbus and recorded their only album in 1974. The Nimbus's live repertoire consisted mainly of own compositions but they would still play the occasional covers of Frank Zappa among others. Soon after the release of Obus, Nimbus went through some line-up changes and a bit later the band would break up. Nimbus remained inactive for over thirty years. In 2007, they reformed for a single gig. Nimbus's music is pure vintage-sounding Finnish progressive rock and psychedelia of the early seventies, of the same level asWigwam, Tasavallan Presidentti, or Session. This reissue includes two bonus tracks recorded as a TV broadcast in January 1974. Obus is a progressive masterpiece from Finland. This reissue is a cooperation with Rocket Records, Finland, who released the CD version. 180 gram vinyl. Comes in a heavy sleeve with a two-page insert. Edition of 500 (numbered).


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