the new school afro cuban jazz orchestra

directed by Bobby Sanabria

From the affz newsgroup:

I don't know if this is a topic that has ever been brought up here, but there are a lot of Zappa Fans in the Latin Jazz community.

I'm a bass player who plays mostly Afro Cuban music these days, but I grew up listening and learning music through FZ since I was a 13 year old in '72. I moderate a Latin Jazz newsgroup that has a lot of 'heavies' in it, and we talk about Frank from time to time. I've even written, arranged, and recorded a tribute to Zappa in Afro-Cuban Jazz ("Frankness" by Grupo Jazz Tumbao"). I though you folks might be interested in knowing that Frank has influenced musicians and cultures in ways you may not have been aware of...

-- Allan


Sunday, April 24 at 8pm at the center of the known Universe... The legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe' 236 E. 3rd St. Between Ave's B & C, NYC admission is $10, $8 w/ student ID, no minimum. The New School AFCJO is dedicated to preserving the great Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band tradition by performing works of the great masters as well as premiering new works as well as new treatments of works by composers outside of the tradition. This Sunday the ensembles program will not only include music by Mario Bauza, Tito Puente and Chico O' Farill, but also music by the eclectic 20th century composer, arranger, electric guitarist socio-political commentator, humorist and visionary, Frank Zappa. In addition, some new works by student composers will also be performed. If you are in the NYC area, come down and hear the music that Eddie Palmieri says "...excites the human organism like no other" played by the stars of tomorrow from the New School's unique jazz program. "This is definitely not your ordinary college level big band!" - Time Out, NY


Trumpets: Justin Davis, Anthony Coleman, Carter Yasutake, Daniel Klein, Ouar Arunga
Saxophones: John Beatty, Masahiro Yamamoto, Michael Kammers, Meilana Gillard, Andrew Hadro
Flute: Nick Cowles
Trombones: Joe Beatty, John Kozan, Stephan Krause, Jason Disu
Electric violin: Rigdzin Collins
Electric guitar: Chris Kuklis
Acoustic bass: Dave Robaire
Piano: Jerod Sarlo
Drums: Kenny Cruz-Grohowski
Congas: Dustin Roher
Bongo/cencerro: Norman Edwards
Vocals/percussion: Haruna Takeuchi, Jesse Boykins

Graduating class of 2005




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