live at the maxim
     - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2007 cd ger long hair lhc57

recorded live at the maxim, schweinfurt, germany 1971/09

jeff beer: vocals, organ
ray brown: bass, vocals
rob terstall: vocals, guitar
stuart fordham: drums

  1. oh no  (frank zappa)
  2. man of reason  (enrico rosenbaum)
  3. ohio  (neil young)
  4. silver dollar  (odin)
  5. my guitar wants to kill your mama  (frank zappa)
  6. gemini  (steve hammond)
  7. cinnamon girl  (neil young)
  8. little house  (frank zappa)
  9. peaches en regalia  (frank zappa)
  10. 21th century schizoid man  (robert fripp, ian mcdonald, greg lake, michael giles, peter sinfield)