sandro oliva

heavy lightning
- feat. various ex-moi; incl.zappa compositions

2004 cdr italy obvious music (private release )

  sandro oliva: vocals, guitar, sitar, sequencing, keys, bass, percussion
  mauro 'achille' andreoni: piano, synth
  spike: organ, synth, vocals
  steve b.roney: drums, vocals
  nick galle: bass, vocals
  bob money: tenor sax
thanks to
jimmy carl black : vocals, percussion, mi vatione
don preston: synthesizer & talking
bunk gardner: tenor sax & talkings
  ener bladezipper: inaudible bw.bass
  chicago beau: blues harp
also with
  mick brill: bass, vocals
  mario guarini: bass
  giovanni di cosimo: trumpet, flugelhorn
  magnus pull: trombone
  luca giustozzi: trombone
  orlando johnson, patty johnson, gail berry, jorg, aisha, the mirrors, the zucchini bros, the laughing bald dwarf: vocals

all selections composed and arranged by sandro oliva, except where noted

  1. fanoga party (black, oliva)
  2. ciccio
  3. i don't want you no more
  4. the great ferret - main theme
  5. money (bradford, gordy)
  6. cirylla
  7. assurdo
  8. help! (lennon, mccartney)
  9. aria malsana
  10. hotel palestine - revolution #11
  11. sauna / king kong - final vamp (f.zappa)
  12. lifeisanonion (oliva, manusso)
  13. coccodrilli maleditti