don preston

the don preston story

2012 download norway zonic entertainment zen 2010

recorded in lotek studio, mar vista, la, 2 february 2010

don preston: vocal
music composed by don preston, performed by don preston (keyboard) and harry scorzo (violin)
an occasional comment by bunk gardner

sound engineering and editing by arthur barrow and jon larson
mastered by morten lund and jon larsen
'the babies crying' is from don preston's recording from the mothers of invention's photosession of time/life magazine


  1. this is don preston
  2. fantasia / stravinskij vs. bill evans
  3. i wasn't drafted / audition for the army band
  4. buzz gardner was in the band
  5. writing music
  6. jamsessions / the italian benzadrine inhaler / bass
  7. back in detroit / the west inn / tommy flannagan, elvin jones and yusef lateef / moving to la / herb cohen's unicorn
  8. carla and paul bley / the amazing owl
  9. detroit / jamsessions at home / buzz and bunk / first audition for zappa
  10. frank zappa's metamorphosis / roweena - the first hippie ever / more auditions for zappa / in the mothers
  11. royal albert hall / terry gilliam
  12. 'oh my god - this is germany'
  13. we're only in it for the money / cal schenkel / don's authentic audio from the time/life photosession
  14. improvisations / hand signals / total wildness / i rest my case
  15. breaking up of the mothers of invention / psychedelia
  16. meredith monk
  17. instant theatre
  18. bass vs. piano
    1. early electronic music
    2. the alien carla bley / the escalator / steve swallow
    3. the cattering teeth / music for video games
    4. the grandmothers / sandro oliva / the black tour from hell
    5. hommage to frank zappa / additional guitar players / the second group / john lennon sits in
    6. with the turtles / ominous signs / the fire in geneva / zappa pushed down from the stage / tivoli gardens
    7. 200 motels / ringo the drummer / uncle meet / using the chicken to measure it / 'the most dicusting thing i've see in...'
    8. preparations for a new zappa tour / the amazing ruth underwood / terry's underpants
    9. a taxi trip onacid
    10. the don and bunk show
    11. favourite composers / echoplex / electronic music for children / composing for the movie business
    12. the mothers of invention - the most exciting time of my life