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Jon Poole (of Cardiacs fame) recorded a Frank Zappa tribute in 1994, called "Mothers Covers". It got released by Org in the CD-format a couple of years afterwards. One of the tracks can also be found on the Spanish Zappa tribute album, "Unmatched Phaze III".

  jon poole: what's the ugliest part of your body?
    (1994, cdr, uk , private release) all compositions by frank zappa
  jon poole: what's the ugliest part of your body?
    2003 cd, uk , org 305) all compositions by frank zappa
  various artists: unmatched phaze III - tributo a zappa
    (1999, cd, spain, hall of fame hof-014-cd) incl. various artists covering frank zappa

  various artists: unmatched series: vol.1 - 6
    (2014, 6cdr, spain, hall of fame records hof - 103-boxcd) feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

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random notes

     Patrick Neve wrote:
John Poole, a member of The Cardiacs, self-produced an indie cassette of Zappa covers.

    From: October 13, 1998
"THE BIG NOTE LIST", a.k.a. the Tapelist maintained by Father Theo (Alers) and his fine monk squad residing at the FINE MUSIC MONASTERY.
POOLE, JON  1994 mothers ..... C A CAS n/a

     From: Theo Alers (
only have a tape of this one but it is incredibly good,... tracklist is

01. unclemeat
02. flower punk
03. who are the brain police
04. mother people
05. concentration moon
06. harry you're a beast
07. whats the ugliest part of your body
08. oh no
09. you're probably wonderin why i'm here
10. legend of the golden arches
11. dog breathe
12. cruisin for burgers
13. let's make the water turn black
14. idiot bastard son
15. brown shoes
16. peaches

     From: Marc Palmer (
Hi, You've got something on your site about Jon Poole (of Cardiacs) FZ tribute tape. Well he's got a new CD out of FZ stuff too - "What's the ugliest part of your body".
You can mail Jon for more details at
Marc Palmer, webmaster of

     From: Steve Cobham (
The Cardiacs' guitarist Jon Poole recorded some early-period Zappa two or three years ago and it's just been mastered to CD. Called "Mothers Covers", it was recorded on a 4 track AFAIK and just features JP. In spite of the many "bounces" involved, it's a really good-sounding piece of work. AF, FO, WOIIFTM and HR provide the repertoire.
I'm in touch with the guy who mastered it to CD and if posts to the ng indicate sufficient interest, I'll forward your details to him or get him to post here or something.
Well worth a listen.


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