michal pavlíček

Michal Pavlíček plays with Pražský Výběr.  He performed with Frank Zappa at their June 24 1991 concert.  Parts of this concert, including Zappa's performance' were released on album.

May 17, 2003, during the "Prague Spring International Music Festival", Michal Pavlíček and Michael Kocáb (both members of Pražský Výběr ) performed Zappa pieces together with the Agon Orchestra (conducted by Petr Kofroň).


The December issue of czech magazine Report included a sampler called "Michal Pavlíček: Story 1982 - 2003". This album presented music of various Michal Pavlíček projects, including the 'Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou', the Zappa jam.



  pražský výběr: adieu c.a. - live
    (1991, cd, cs, ap 0001-2311) – incl. an improvisation with frank zappa
  pražský výběr: komplet
    (1995, cd, cs, bonton music a.s. 710277/8-2) – incl. an improvisation with frank zappa
  michal pavlíček: story 1982 - 2003
    (2003, cd, cs, report 2003/12) -  – incl. an improvisation with frank zappa


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