no apologies  (2)
    - feat. jimmy carl black, roy estrada, lowell george

1972 lp usa lizard a20102

    (2011, download, - , crossfire productions)

1969 studio recording

nolan porter: vocals
lowell george: guitar
bill payne: keyboards
roy estrada: bass
richie hayward: drums
jimmy carl black: drums
tony elisalda: percussion, sax

produced by gabriel mekler

  1. iron out the rough spots   (b.t.jones, s.cropper, d.porter)

  2. let's burn down the cornfield   (r.newman)

  3. what would you do if i did that to you   (n.porter, l.francen)

  4. gwendolyn   (l.francen)

  5. the fifth one   (

  6. travelin' song   (n.porter)

  7. somebody's gone   (, b.payne)

  8. don't make me color my black face blue   (n.porter)

  9. fe fi fo fum   (n.porter)

  10. somebody's cryin'   (n.porter)