- feat. jimmy carl black, roy estrada, lowell george

1971 lp usa abc records abcx 766

    (2011, download, - , crossfire productions)

1969 studio recording

nolan porter: vocals
lowell george: guitar
bill payne: keyboards
roy estrada: bass
richie hayward: drums
jimmy carl black: drums
tony elisalda: percussion, sax

produced by gabriel mekler

side one

  1. i like what you give (n.porter, g.mekler)

  2. groovin' (out on life)  (b.charles)

  3. somebody's gone  (, w.payne)

  4. work it out in the morning  (g.mekler)

  5. oh baby  (g.mekler, g.austin)

side two

  1. if i could only be sure  (n.porter, g.mekler)
  2. crazy love (v.morrison)
  3. linger man  (k.henley)
  4. burn down the cornfield  (r.newman)
  5. keep on keepin' on  (