petulant frenzy

Petulant Frenzy is an australian Zappa tribute band.

It features:

Mr. Dave was kind enough to add the following info:

"Petulant Frenzy (known as either PF or The Frenzy) rose from the ashes of another FZ coverband, Tweezerglint, whose only real claim to fame was Mike Keneally's assertion that "Tweezerglint" was the best FZ covers band name he'd ever heard.
The Frenzy started in mid 1998, and has been going more or less continuously ever since, averaging about 4 gigs a year, drummers permitting.
There's no particular emphasis on any one style or period of Frank's work anything is up for grabs and wide-open to whatever interpretation we feel like giving it. The basic idea is to give the flavour of a Frank gig with an approach that veers from faithful reproduction to utter
The instrumentation is 8 guys providing 2 guitars, bass, drums, saxes, flute, clarinet, violin, keys, and 3 vocals, with the recent wonderful addition of marimba and assorted other percussions. The skill level of the band varies from seasoned professionals to rank amateurs who play for no other reason than the pure love of Frank's music.
The only Zappa alumnus that we've had the pleasure of playing with is Chad Wackerman, with whom we did a few tunes in Dec 03 after he played a set with a guy called Jackie Orzcaszky. He was, as you would expect, the ultimate pro, and we were very lucky to have him play with the likes of us.

Check out our getting-towards-finished web site at and listen to the couple of downloads that are there."

The picture on the right was borrowed from their excellent website.



random notes

    from: petulant frenzy
    november 2004

Hi Boys and Girls,

That's right, you read right, the Basement will be again lowering their standards to let us channel Frank to various levels of your satisfaction.

The gig will feature a clutch of new tunes, and a bunch of other "special entertainment events" that will be performed by individuals who can be classed as very special indeed, some professionally so.

Extra special specialness will also come in the form of this being the last gig for one of the Frenzy, who will be retiring for the sake of their physical and mental wellbeing. We're not sure who that is yet, so you'd better turn up and find out.

Oh, there's also another download at:

Love ya' leisure.

Mr D

From: "Petulant Frenzy"
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004
Subject: Basement Gig this coming Wednesday

Hi Groovers,

just a wee reminder that we're doing the Basement this Wednesday.

First note of the Petulant set will be at 8:45, so get your dinner into you and come on down.

Mr Dave

    from: petulant frenzy
    july 2005

Hello and happy new year,

The Frenzy take their shambolic roadshow down George St, past Central and all the way down Parramatta Road to:

The Marquee * 128 Pyrmont Bridge Road * (cnr Parramatta Rd, near the Annandale) * Camperdown NSW 2050 * Phone: (02) 9557 0221; 9557 0314 (bookings)
Friday, August 26, 2005

Yep, that's right, none of this mid-week malarky that the Basement gives us.
It's a full-on, balls-out Friday night experience where you can get down with your bad selves, so to speak. Supports, dress code, guests and evacuation procedures to be confirmed at a later date.

Oh, and if we ever get around to rehearsing, we'll be playing some more premier tunes, too.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the rumours that a member of the band will be playing, singing, looking and gesticulating like Neil Diamond for the whole gig are largely inaccurate.

Good lawd!

Mr Dave

The views, facts and points of conjecture presented in this email are the author's own hobby, and in no way express the feelings, attitudes or urges of Petulant Frenzy, either individually, or collectively.

December 2005, Mister Dave said:

Petulant Frenzy in concert 2005 12 08

for those of you on the right latitude and longitude, please be aware that the merely entertaining Petulant Frenzy will once again be forcing unsuspecting molecules of air to collide in a fashion similar to that envisioned by Frank Zappa a long time ago, in a land far away.

The Marquee
Cnr Parramatta Rd and Pyrmont Bridge Rds
9:00 - 12:00

Oh, and free burns of the Roxy DVD to the first 1000 payers.

--Mister Dave


Mr.Dave says: Marquee Gig Thursday April 27 

My Fellow Austalians,

the marketing department of Big Swifty and Associates has decided that the John Howard's 10 years captaining the Australian cricket team needs some
sort of celebration. As such, they have booked one of Australia's favourite Zappa covers bands, Petulant Frenzy, to headline the festivities at the
Marquee (128 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown (02) 9557 0221).

Guest speakers include Alan Jones, Rex Hunt, Rodney Adler, John Mangos and a special appearance by Gary Sweet as the Ghost of Sir Donald Bradman. Colour and movement by the I-Didn't-Do-It Dancers. Rumours that Donald Rumsfeld will make a special appearance on clavinette will neither be confirmed nor

Price is a mere $10000 per head for advance bookings, or $15 on the door.

Maintain the rage.

-- Mister Dave


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