pojama people with ike willis

footsie notes

2008 cdr usa private release

recorded live august 2006 - august 2007, from san francisco ca to bellingham wa

ike willis: vocals, lead guitar, left-hand keyboard, conducting
alli bach: vocals, winds, percussion, left-hand guitar
ted clifford: keyboards (both hands), vocals
brian casey: bass, vocals
glenn leonard: drums, vocals, right-hand guitar, cheap harmonica, conducting
diz carroll: alto sax, vocals
mark kelly: tenor sax
tony britton: rhythm guitar on track 11

  1. gdbls merca

  2. the big one

  3. the happy birthday variations #1

  4. church zombie

  5. caravan to seattle

  6. christmas in dunsmuir

  7. clean machine

  8. dick ames (and mrs.)

  9. bandy thing

  10. the happy birthday variations #2

  11. the oc

  12. rumsfeld!

  13. astronaut love triangle

  14. church-oriented activities

  15. who's burnin' behind the garage?!

  16. imagine that

  17. party hat

  18. great moments in rock history relived

  19. the happy birthday variations #3 & #4

  20. rumsfeld

  21. citizen pain