Primus performed and recorded a couple of Residents tracks.
In 2004, they performed Frank Zappa's 'Dumb All Over' live. The recording was released through their primusconcerts site.


  primus: miscellaneous debris
    (1992, cd5", usa, interscope records 96208-2) - incl. 'sinister exaggerator' (the residents)

primus_miscellaneousdebris.jpg (79222 bytes)

  primus: making plans for nigel  -  cheesy ep 2
    (1992, cd5", uk, interscope records a6167cdx 7567-96166-2) - incl. 'sinister exaggerator' (the residents)

primus_cheesy_ep2.jpg (82352 bytes)

  primus: frizzle fry
    (2002, cd, ??, ??) - incl.'constantinople', 'hello skinny' (the residents)

primus_frizzlefry.jpg (95017 bytes)

  primus: wynona's big brown beaver
    (2005, cd5", australia, interscope records 0765449577628) - incl.'constantinople', 'hello skinny' (the residents)

primus_wyona.jpg (100758 bytes)






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