time 4 oakland 2 get funky

2011 download -- easy ed


disc one

  1. thunderstorm intro - let's go crazy - delirious - let's go crazy (reprise)

  2. 1999

  3. little red corvette

  4. the glamorous life [inc. soul sacrifice]

  5. somewhere here on earth

  6. eye love u but eye don't trust u anymore

  7. controversy jam [inc. you're the one for me]

  8. a love bizarre

  9. play that funky music

  10. thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin)

  11. sexy dancer vs. le freak

  12. love rollercoaster - housequake - controversy (reprise)

  13. angel

disc two

  1. if i was your girlfriend

  2. kiss

  3. purple rain

  4. dance (disco heat) - baby i'm a star - thunderstorm outro

  5. sampler set [inc. when doves cry, nasty girl (instrumental), sign o' the times, alphabet st., forever in my life, darling nikki (instrumental), oaktown chants over love (instrumental), pop life, single ladies (put a ring on it), darling nikki (instrumental), black sweat]

  6. the bird

  7. jungle love