private parts

dancing the marmara
    – incl. ‘my guitar wants to kill your mama’ (frank zappa)

1986 lp usa stark raving records ssr 1
1986 cd usa en pointe enp 0003

recorded at ocean way recorders, hollywood,ca on march 1,2 1986

dawayne bailey: voice, guitar
andrew cass: bass
john collison: keyboards
mark lloyd: drums
jerry weber: keyboards

produced by jeff weber

executive producers: biff and boy scott

  1. what's wrong with you

  2. emily

  3. johnny's all tied up

  4. day tripper

  5. my guitar wants to kill your mama   (frank zappa)

  6. rest of my life

  7. monkey man

  8. give me everything

  9. dancing the marmara

  10. i'm just waiting