the prophets of old

The Prophets Of Old recorded Frank Zappa's 'Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder'.


Prophets of Old - included Bill Reyes (guitar/vocals); David Parsley (sax/vocals); Tom Fuentes (keboard/vocals) and Benny Lopez (bass/vocals) and John De Luna (drums/vocals). This band created it's own record company, East - West Records, promoted it's own records through live "on air " radio appearances and it's distributer. Distributed by Chapman, the band's Single release was "Just Can't Wait" written by Lopez/Parsley, and "Go cry on somebody else's shoulder," an obscure Frank Zappa tune. Recorded at the legendary Gold Star Studio in Hollywood, this was John's first recording experience at age 15. This group opened for the major acts of the day including the Doors; Seeds; Music Machine; Yellow Balloon; Them; Turtles and other top forty radio groups promoted by DJ's Casey Kasem and Dave Hull through L.A. radio station KRLA. The band had a standing engagement at the famous "Sea Witch" club, located next to "Dino's" on the Sunset Strip. The band drew a strong following with a fan club, membership driven base.

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  the prophets of old: just couldn't wait / go cry on somebody else's shoulder
    (1966, 7", usa, eastside-westside es/ws 101) – incl. ‘go cry on somebody else shoulder’ (frank zappa)


-- info: Charles Ulrich

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