richard perissi

Richard Perissi was a part of the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra (Feb - March 1967) when Frank Zappa recorded the orchestral parts for "Lumpy Gravy".


selected discography

  man with the golden arm soundtrack 1955
  johnny mandel: i want to live soundtrack 1958
  henry mancini: the music from peter gunn 1959
  henry mancini:  the blues and the beat 1960
  henry mancini:  combo 1960
  henry mancini:  uniquely mancini 1962 
  henry mancini:  mancini '67 1966
  skip martin: scheherajazz 1959
  skip martin: swingin' with prince igor 1959
  miles davis & gil evans: time of the barracudas 1963 (on complete miles davis & gil evans)
  stan kenton: kenton/wagner 1964
  stan kenton: conducts the la neophonic orchestra 1965
  oliver nelson: sound pieces 1966
4 frank zappa: lumpy gravy
   (1967, lp, usa, verve)

  pete rugolo: the thriller 1969


random notes

    From: Charles Ulrich, june 2004:

The AMG has entries for the following French horn players:

Richard Perissi (100+ album credits)
Richard Parissi (6 album credits)
Dick Parisi (2 album credits)

I strongly suspect that "Perissi" is the correct spelling.



-- info:
Charles Ulich
Geoff Wills




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