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Chris Quinlan was the percussionist / drummer for The Band From Utopia, an Australian Zappa cover band. Later versions of this band were called Kemerson, Kaked and Karl Karma and The Zappa Instrumentaale.

In 1998, during his European trip, Chris played with The Tinsel Town Rebellion Band and with The Dancin' Foolz.  He also did a solo performance of 'The Black Page #1' on two occasions.

Here’s part of the story (as told by chris quinlan).

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From: "chris quinlan"
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003
Subject: melbourne musos 200th episode

Press Release 1st May 2003

Melbourne Musos TV Show
Producer: Chris Quinlan

Melbourne Musos TV Show reachs 200!

The 200th episode of Channel 31's long-running and much loved music tip show "Melbourne Musos" will air Friday 8th May at 6.00pm.

A labor of love for the shows creator/producer Chris Quinlan, the show first aired in 1995 and is one of Channel 31's longest running and popular shows.

Melbourne Musos could be best described as a .... "musical cooking show" .... with segments such as "The best muso you never heard in your life" and "How the hell did you do that?" ... The show quickly found a niche of dedicated viewers who appreciated the musical tips given and the local talent unearthed.

A format change in 1999 (due to a happy accident!) saw melbourne Musos turn into a dedicated drumset clinic with Chris Quinlan demonstrating drum techniques and drumset music in a raw, live to camera format with minimal editing ...
.... this change of style gave Melbourne Musos a freshh lease of life and in 2000, Chris Quinlan received the inaugural award ... "Best educational TV show on Australian Community TV"

Chris Quinlan produces Melbourne Musos from his West Suburban located in Seabrook ....

For more details, contact Chris Quinlan


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